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Yellowstone in the morning

Even though I sometimes get frustrated going to National Parks with a dog I still just love Yellowstone! Since we can’t go on trails...

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Sequoia National Forest / Park & King’s Canyon

* finally having a chance to post this after no cell signal and then traveling to Colorado….better late than never!!   I just...

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Ft. Worden State Park – Port Townsend, WA

This summer I have been doing “little” journeys! My last one was up the Washington coast through Olympia National Park and up to Port...

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Finding a place to camp…

We are all on the road for different reasons, some of us are on vacation, some retired, some working still….and with that we all have...

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Ponderosa Pines Scenic Highway

A couple years ago I was planning a road trip from CO to OR and wanted to go somewhere I’ve never been. After doing some research I came...

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Hangin’ in Boise

I don’t do this often…. I stopped through Boise for a super quick visit on the way back from Colorado couple weeks ago and felt...

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Colorado Road Trip

After being on the road for almost a year, I decided to give the camper a break, park it in Washington, rent a car for a Colorado road trip...

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What’s it REALLY like living in a old camper

This might show my age, but who has watched MTV cribs?….Celebrities showing off their over the top homes….I always thought to myself...

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Alabama Hills CA

I’m finally back up!…My blog was down for months due to a virus….But I’m hopeful that all is well and this wont happen...

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Humbug Mountain State Park.

Oregon is known for their state parks, and I’ve hit many of them on my way down the coast…and have camped at many too….but this one...

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