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Recycling & Trash – month 1

After my first month on the road I’ve stopped to take stock of how I did with recycling and trash. The photo shows ALL my recycling...

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TravelTraveling DesignerVideo Blog

Video Blog – An Intro

This is my first video blog so bear with me!! I also had some technical difficulty so I had to spice a couple frames together…....

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Logo DesignSmall TownsTaosTravelTraveling Designer

The Community Logo Project

I was not sure what to call this, so the name might change….but this will be an ongoing post. The whole idea is to, for every town or...

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TravelTraveling Designerwater


Usually when we need water, its easy to get it, right? Walk over to the facet and drink what you need, use it to take a shower, or wash...

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HippySmall TownsTravelTraveling DesignerUtah

Mystic Hot Strings – Monroe UT

The website for Mystic Hot Strings says “you will be take back to the 60’s and 70’s”….and I would say thats...

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TravelTraveling DesignerUtah

Random Thoughts from Utah

I dont know for how long I will be continuing this journey, this adventure of exploration…..maybe a day, a week, a year….maybe...

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Free CampingNew MexicoTaosTravelTraveling Designer

Free Camping – The Taos Ski Valley

I quickly realize that free camping comes in many forms. As I spend my last night in Taos I wanted to talk about a great free camping...

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TravelTraveling Designer

Some observations from my first 10 days

I think the first thing I have learned is throw out all the rules!! This lifestyle presents some interesting and amazing opportunities and...

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New MexicoSmall TownsTaosTravel

Stan… the man!

This is my first visit to Taos, I was excited to check out the little slice of New Mexico! So I walked around some then I found a little...

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ColoradoSmall TownsTravel

La Veta CO

I think Im a pretty laid back / go with the flow type of guy, but I knew being a full time traveler that would be put to the test! And sure...

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