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IMG_3455I quickly realize that free camping comes in many forms. As I spend my last night in Taos I wanted to talk about a great free camping area….The Taos Ski Valley.

The Taos Ski Valley allows you to park for 14 days in the lower lot…I know, does not sound glamorous…But it has many things going for it. First, its been quite. A local told me the resort got sold and they are building a big hotel or something. So during the day there are construction workers, but at night I feel I have it all to myself. Mazzy and I took a loop walk around the resort and its beautifully erie all at the same time when there are hardly any people.  Second, its beautiful with the mountains, trees and mountain stream. And most importantly, its at 9000 feet, its HOT in town and its a great escape to get up here where its 10-15 degrees cooler. Not sure who enjoys that more, Mazzy or me…..actually I think its Mazzy!

IMG_3504There are other emmenties that I love. I get great cell coverage up here to make calls and to create my hot spot to work. If you take the 10 minute walk to the village you can get close to the stream, there are picnic tables to eat or work (even a fire pit), a bar to grab some food, a beer or watch a game….and great public bathrooms, they are clean and even have sand sanitizer (gotta love the little things).


IMG_3457Like to hike? The hike to Mt. Wheeler starts here….must like uphill, it will get you heart rate up for sure. And if you drive down the mountain there are 3-4 other trail heads close by.

All in all I have loved my experience here, great place to hang out and get a great nights sleep….Next stop, Durango CO.

Last modified: June 14, 2016

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