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It’s a Sunday….a little overcast and cold as I sit here on the Washington Coast….I thought it might be fun to put together some fun facts about my travels….enjoy and I hope it inspires folks to get out and do stuff : )

States I’ve visited: CO, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, CA, Oregon, Washington, Idaho….and WY if I include my road trip back to CO

Different places I’ve camped: National Parks, State Parks, County Parks, Recreation Areas, RV Parks, Ski Resorts, Casinos, Walmarts, K-Mart, Truck Stop, Wineries, Brewery, Ally, Nieghborhoods, BLM Land and campgrounds, Hot Springs, Forest Service, Regional Park

I started in Boulder and visited Boulder City, CA

I was in Cloverdale CA when the Cubs beat the Dodgers to go to the World Series and Monterey, CA when they won the World Series

Number of hotels I’ve stayed at: 5
too rainy, birthday, too hot, broke down and beer tour!!
Never because I didnt want to sleep in my moving home!!

I’ve visited Bend OR 2 times…also North Bend and South Bend…neither is close to Bend…1 is not he OR coast, 1 the WA coast

Number of breweries: 73….that’s over a year….but that is a lot

Hottest Temp – 105 (Pendelton, OR….I think Moab was close to that too)
Coldest – high 20s (Joshua Tree)

Cool Places I think everyone should go to: Redwoods, Sawtooth Mountains, Alabama Hills, Humbug State Park, Salt Flats, Strawberry Winderness, Wine Country, CA

Cities you must visit: Taos, Trinidad, CA, Ferndale, CA, Boise, Sebastopal, CA, Ashland, OR

Campground I spend the most nights – El Chorro Regional Park (San Luis Obispo)
Most time I spend staying at a Walmart – 2 weeks (thats right!!!) (Winsor, CA)

Can’t count the number of State Parks, but because National Parks are not that dog friendly I’ve been to: Joshua Tree, Tetons and Redwoods….will be in Olympia National Park this week

Total Miles: apps 16,000

Total miles on Highway 101: 1,123

Number of birds that flew into the camper: 1

Number of times I thought I might die: 1

Number of times my camper broke down: 4….still have not got an official tow!!

Number of tires blown: 3

Number of gas pumps I’ve ruined: 1…its a long story

Wild animals I’ve seen: Deer, Rams, Elk, Moose, fox, elephant seals, regular seals (haha), Sea Otters, many beautiful birds, lizards and snakes….there are prob more

Number of trees I ran over: 2….I plan to plant 3 in the near future

ok…this part you have to sing as you read it….think Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere”

I’ve been tooooooooo Crescent City, Baker City, Prairie City, Pacific City, Dunes City, Lincoln City, Ocean City and Carson City

annnnnd….Santa Cruz, San Jose, Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Santa Margarita, Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa and Rancho Santa Margarita

I’ve been tooooooooo Pismo Beach, Avila Beach, Morro Bay, Gold Beach, Nesika Beach, Coos Bay, Hereto Beach, Searose Beach, Depot Bay, Rockaway Beach, Cannon Beach and Long Beach…..AND Carmel-By-The-Sea

ok…enough of that

The thing I can’t put into numbers or facts are all the wonderful and nice people I’ve met along the way and all the great conversations and things I’ve learned about folks from all over the world….Just allowing yourself to be out in the world and present is a wonderful and beautiful thing…..



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