Random Thoughts from Utah


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I dont know for how long I will be continuing this journey, this adventure of exploration…..maybe a day, a week, a year….maybe even 10!! But I do know I feel grateful for the opportunity….and being able to call “home” wherever I lay my head….My community can’t be a pin stuck on a map, but the entire map is my community….This vast countryside is my community, it’s much larger than my own wingspan….than my eyes can see and much larger than myself…

I don’t feel lost or alone, but welcomed…and this is because of you…the people that smile as they pass by, help me out when I’m in need, or just engage and have a simple conservation….its not always easy to have such a large community….I have so much to see, to learn, to experience that it keeps my wheels moving forward….and sometimes by nature there is only so much connection that can be achieved….but connection is connection….and when the wheels are not moving….I will be open to it all and the path I need to go will just open up to me….

Last modified: June 20, 2016

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