Recycling & Trash – month 1


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After my first month on the road I’ve stopped to take stock of how I did with recycling and trash. The photo shows ALL my recycling for a month….I think I can do much better. First off some of that does include a weekend with a friend (so a few more beer cans). I too probably used more can goods than I normally do, I had some left over from my apartment and my parents gave me some, and I don’t like to waste. Also beer cans!! The plan is to take advantage of visiting breweries and filling a growler, but I did collect some Colorado beer the months leading up to leaving, so that should get better too.

As for waste I would say my garbage was 1-1.5 bags (equivalent to a plastic grocery bag) per week….I think thats pretty good….The healthier I eat the less trash I have. I also collected my food straps and put in a compost tin. I did fill my tin in the first month and do need to find a place to donate it….research to come…The more zero waste I can get the better.

Ideas are always welcome!

Last modified: July 9, 2016

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