Some observations from my first 10 days


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I think the first thing I have learned is throw out all the rules!! This lifestyle presents some interesting and amazing opportunities and you need to be able to go with the flow. I was already stuck in a small CO town, which i did not plan or expect, then traveled back to CO for a camping trip…..did not think I would be in CO that fast!!

Balance – I felt i have been go go go….its the way I travel when I go on trips and such. But this is my life now, I need to learn to have my downtime, and realize I do have a job and make time for work. I also need to realize this is a big transition for my dog too, I feel I have pushed her limits a little and need to take a step back and allow her to get used to her new life.

Water – might seem weird, where is your drinking water going to come from?….I don’t have the luxury of walking over the the faucet when Mazzy or myself needs a drink. When I’m out away from town I need to be sure there is enough drinking water, especially when in the desert. Paid camping does a good job of having drinking water on onsite, it is little more difficult when free camping, which I do most of the time.

Budget – So far my average stay per night is $8.25….would be much lower if i was not forced to stay at a KOA for $45 my first night. This only is camping, but i think I’m doing good. Ive had 5 nights of free camping so far!!

Internet – I get all my internet from data….When I lived in Boulder I had no idea how much internet I used. One night I wanted to relax, cook and stream the Cubs baseball game, that ate a TON of my data for the month….No more of that.

So far my new lifestyle has been amazing!! Seen some cool stuff, met some awesome and helpful people and made some new friends. Its important to continue to let things come to me and be open to experience and adventure… and get my rest!!

Last modified: June 13, 2016

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