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I was not sure what to call this, so the name might change….but this will be an ongoing post. The whole idea is to, for every town or community I spend some quality time to take 30 minutes or less and create a logotype that embodies my stay. I feel it s great way to reflex on my stay and as a designer stay creative on the road…..enjoy and I would love to hear feedback.


eugeneEugene OR

I spend about 4 days here….Eugene integrated the city around nature, ponds, wetlands, community gardens, and river that runs through the city are the things that stuck out to me the most….pretty then minus the downtown!!


florenceEugene OR

I made 2 stops here….Florence is a small ton on the 101 and the start of the Oregon Sand Dunes area….I stayed here mostly because the local casino offers free camping, a tough thing to find….I will be writing a post about this later


washWashington / Oregon

I spend about 5 weeks hanging out at my parents place in Camas WA….just on the other side of the Columbia from Portland. I feel I did so much in those 5 weeks, hikes, waterfalls, breweries, music and festival… there was not ONE thing I took away from the experience. The idea of the logo is the Columbia that separates Washington and Oregon, and I just put the 2 manes together to form Washgon!!…..Best I can do!!!



manManzanita OR

Manzanita is a small coastal town off the 101. I spend a week in a beach house with my family. All the houses in the area have names, and most of them are some sort of “beach house” so the idea of of logo goes along those lines……Manzanita is one big beach house : )


LaVitaLa Vita CO

The Spanish Peaks sorta tower over the charming little Colorado City. The idea of the logo is The Spanish Peaks smiling and watching over me during a frustrating situation.


taosTaos NW

One if the things out first notice about Taos is its charm and art culture….and of course the adobe! The thing that really stuck out where the people, and they ALL love dogs and loved Mazzy. Many people carried treats and wanted to give her one…it was very cute…..a very dog loving town.


tahoeLake Tahoe

After spending way too much time in the desert it was so refreshing to be in some elevation and see some big trees!! The lake is very impressive but I loved my time playing in the trees of the Truckee / Tahoe area.



bend2Bend / Sisters OR

First off I sorta cheated on this one! I look an idea from a previous logo that I never used because I thought it fit my experience. Bend is beautiful, the city is beautiful, the surroundings are beautiful, the people are beautiful…..reminds me a little of Boulder bur without all the added bullshit (sorry Boulder).

My time here was used to catch up on work, so not much time to explore the outdoors here but I did hit some of the many wonderful breweries that Bend ad Sisters has to offer…..Looking forward to coming back for sure!


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