What’s it REALLY like living in a old camper


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This might show my age, but who has watched MTV cribs?….Celebrities showing off their over the top homes….I always thought to myself how do they dust those huge houses??….Anyway, living in a 27 ft. camper is almost the opposite of that!!….haha

There are many full time travelers out there, many are retired who have money to buy these $100,000 rigs and have all the bells and whistles one might have in a house. And there are those living in vans and such…and by choice. If you don’t know much about the Van Life movement, they do make it sound sexy. I think I’m living right in the middle, the sweet spot I guess….Yes, my camper is small, I have just what I need and to be honest thats really liberating….leaning what you really need – I feel most of us are somewhat controlled by our stuff….Living in a small space you learn real quick what you REALLY need…..and its not much….do you really need an Avocado Saver?….no, the answer is NO! Eat that avocado, they are good for you.



I can work, entertain myself, cook, take a shower and all that good stuff….BUT, my shower also is a closet! So to take a shower I need to take everything out and give it a cleaning….when I’m out in the woods, I use my solar shower, you have not lived till you shower outside : ) But most of the time I use facilities at the campground I’m staying at…

Somedays I’m staying in the most beautiful places one can imagine…I work and stare out the window to the mountains or ocean…other times I’m staying in a casino parking lot or Walmart from time to time….its free so its easy to get over!! And if you don’t like your neighbors….just move!!….One of my favorite musicians is Jackie Greene, he has a song called “Motorhome”….

“Well don’t let your neighbors bring you down
if you don’t like ‘em you can just leave town
say adios, farewell, so long”

Words to live by!!


I combat the small space with two simple things….First I make sure my space feels comfortable…lighting is a big thing for me, the mood needs to be right! It just needs to have that right feel, I don’t decorate much, but I do enough to make the space feel like it truly mine. Most important, I don’t spend much time inside….my front yard can be the ocean or the mountains…I would rather spend my time exploring, or drinking a beer in my hammock than being inside the camper….my motto is “its better to do stuff than not do stuff”.

But its not all rainbows and lollipops…..cooking can be hard without much counter space…and its an old camper so things break!!…. I sleep on a twin bed, thats right, I feel like in 14 again! It’s the way the camper was designed, two twin beds in the back, I have learned to love my bed, I have an wonderful topper for my mattress and the small space has become very cozy. I was without a fridge for a month and I’m currently dealing with a leaky roof…sometimes its cold, and sometimes my heater decided to take the day off….but the good do out weight the bad.

I have to admit there are times I ask myself if I’m crazy or going through a midlife crisis….mostly letting outside things get in my head…but again all you really have to do is ask yourself “what makes you happy”…and all that stuff goes away….And the space you live is a reflection of who you are, but it does not define you.

I consider myself grateful everyday I wake up being able to do what I do….And I really don’t think I would have done anything different if I could go back a year or so to make changes….But as is life, you go through ups and downs when it comes to the lifestyle you choose to live….thats just the way it is….

Thats about it….I want to write more about the lifestyle in future posts….Because I feel there is a lot to with about….so stay tuned

Last modified: April 24, 2017

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  1. Dan says:

    Good shit my man! Glad you are enjoying yourself in the travel lifestyle. Looks like quite the adventure for you.

  2. Meg says:

    Yay, I love this Rick!! It’s so nice to hear this update and see your cozy home. It looks like the perfect size. Can’t wait to read more!

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