about me

Hi…my name is rick. I’m a midwesterner who moved to West, to Colorado May 1999. I lived in Denver for 10 years, the mountains some and in Boulder for 6 years. I’m a graphic designer and owner of originality design, a small design firm I began in 2006. I’m also part owner in the family business, Tough Top Awnings. We make replacement awnings for RVs, trailers and 5th wheels. I wonder where I get my love for RVing!!

Beginning June 1st 2016 I started a journey of a traveling designer, first living in my 27ft. camper, now in a 13ft. vintage Scamp with my dog mazzy exploring the wonderful world we live in, one adventure at a time.

I have a love for the outdoors, hiking, trees, bluegrass and americana music, good beer, and being creative.

I will talk more as time goes on to why I decided to go on this journey, I would love you hear from you with any questions or comments…you can reach me at [email protected]

My hope for the Traveling Designer is to touch on everything from travel, work, DIY, storytelling, being off the grid, sustainability / being green, camper living, adventure, photography, design, music, beer and more!! I also started a podcast, you can check out the episodes HERE.

It’s always better to do stuff, than not do stuff
So get out and do stuff!!!


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