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When you travel full time and have to find a place to put your head each night, your can get to be a challenge. I have heard stories from the 60’s and 70’s of folks just putting over wherever to sleep for the night, now there are rules, rules and rules!

Most of the challenge really lies in budget, finding a place that is cheap or FREE! National forest and BLM land do offer free sites but it all depends on where you are and some can be tricky to get to if you have a 27 foot camper. And sometimes I dont want to be in the middle of nowhere, or need feel cell coverage to work and make a living.

I really didn’t have much trouble finding camping on my route from Colorado to New Mexico to Utah to Nevada and up through the middle of Oregon. The coast is a new animal, its busy and it’s expensive…..even the inland campgrounds in the forest are $20 or more….i went inland a few times, and it was hot, so I would prefer to stay close to the ocean

Thats were the casinos come in….many casinos offer free or cheap dry camping in their oversized parking lots…which is great!!!

I stayed at one in Coos Bay, OR….$15 a night…free WIFI, use of bathrooms and showers and a beauftufl view of the lake right there! Also stayed for a few night at a casino in Florence OR….they allow for the first 4 nights free, then you must gamble….needless to say i was out then!

Here is a great site to find casinos that allow free or cheap parking

img_4004Casino in Florence, OR…In case you have never seen a dry camping parking lot : )


Its a great thing to keep in mind if you need a quick place to sleep or tying to even out the budget for the month….most of the casinos I’ve come across in Oregon are Native American run, so while you stay on their property for free, please be aware of the history, why there are Native American casinos in the first place….Its an interesting and sad story that most of us at least have some knowledge about, and if you dont take the time to do a quick Google search.

I do find it intersting, its the Native Americams that open their arms and allow us to use their land for free!!…I cant tell you how many parking lots, parks, streets, rest areas that say absolutely no overnight parking, private property, no trespassing and such…

always good to be aware and be thankful….

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