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Just wanted to do a quick writeup on a really cool hike I did on the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area are located down the coast near the town of Florence, OR. The Oregon Coast has so much to offer from beaches to trees to cliffs and then there are the beautiful sites of the sand dunes. The hike I did started in an old growth forest for about a mile and then you come around a bend that opens up to SAND!!…I took off my shoes for this part and probably walked a mile in the sand before finding the trees again…and the entire time you can hear the ocean off in the distance. After walking through a combo of sand and tress, with some water you come upon the beach…..it was a foggy day and made the beach sorta erie!!….still could not see the ocean…and because of a bird habitat who were mating there were no dogs allowed on the beach anyway….we hung out for a bit, saw a couple deer on the beach which was cool and was on our way back…

I always get excited about a hike that is different from what I’m used to, and has some diversity, and this had both….see the gallery below for some of the photos I took and check out the dunes if you are in the area!!

Last modified: August 28, 2016

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