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I think Im a pretty laid back / go with the flow type of guy, but I knew being a full time traveler that would be put to the test! And sure enough it was on the 2nd hour, when my camper broke down in Castle Rock CO and again the next day as I was about to go up La Veta Pass. A very nice man with a mid-size pickup stopped, got me turned around on the busy highway, followed me as I coasted down the hill and pulled me to this little town, La Veta CO.

First off, the service station was able to look at my camper and actually got the part ordered that same day, I was calling around to some neighboring towns and I was going to have to wait for a week or more, but I had some time to kill in La Veta. The first thing you notice is the beautiful Spanish Peaks that overlook this little town. La Veta is small, seems to have a Spanish and art influence which I enjoyed, and there is history about the city all over town. La Veta had everything a traveler needs; a coffeeshop with patio to work, a park for the dog, to relax, and electric to change up devices, and a public restroom! Across the street is a farm to table cafe where I had one of the best lunches I’ve ever had, they had a beet salad I could eat everyday!

But the best thing about La Veta are the people! Everyone is so friendly, say hi as you walk by. I met a girl originally from Austin who works at the coffeeshop and cafe who loves the “slow” city and people.

On my second day I thought my camper was going to be done by end of day so I walked over to I Love Lucy’s Place RV Park to see if there were any spots as I didn’t want to travel that day. I told the owner my story, she took my hand and said “we will hold a spot for you”. I went back a couple hours later to tell them I would not need the spot and she offered me a free tent site for the night, the host even offered for me to pitch a tent in her site. I brought my things, set up my tent….they were so so nice and help me out so much. We chatted for a while and she told the story of how she came to La Veta and made the statement that its a “community” in every sense of the word.

The next day I was off, the service station guys were great too and got me all fixed up.

I thought the hardest thing would not be meeting people, but meeting wonderful people and communities and having to leave….that was the case here for sure, and I hope I didn’t peak too soon with coming across incredible little towns.

Last modified: June 6, 2016

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