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After spending the summer in Colorado I felt it was time to move on. My Scamp was back in Washington and it needed some work so the plan was to start back that way and figure out the next part of my journey. I didn’t feel the need too rush and after a stop at one of my favourite locations, the Tetons (see post here) and ended up in a little mountain town for a month, site unseen…McCall!

When I was in Boise I heard good things about McCall but never had the opportunity to take the 2 hour drive to visit. If you have never been the town sits right by the beautiful Payette Lake. You can easily find a place to eat and get a lake view, find a boat dock or hike at Ponderosa State Park just outside town. McCall has the mountain town feel with nice, helpful people in a very relaxed setting.

The thing I seem to have noticed most about the town, especially in the neighbourhood where my Airbnb was are all the cool cabins, tiny homes, with add-ons and chalets there are in town. Many of these are second homes and vacations homes as McCall is a tourist destination all year round. 

Most of these cool places are made of wood and log as McCall was founded as a logging town in 1889 until the mill closed in 1977. Today is a popular place to hike, camp, bike, fish and ski in the winter months as McCall gets more snow than any other place in Idaho.

I wanted to share a few photos of the cool cabins and such I came across, I want to live in them all!!! Crazy for a nomad who does not want to live anywhere : ) 

Until next time….Happy New Year

Last modified: December 23, 2021

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