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I have officially been on the road for 18 months, I have loved my nomadic lifestyle, seeing beautiful places and met wonderful people. One thing I have learned is listen to myself, or ask myself what is it you want? After last winter, I knew I needed to make a plan for the winter, that was for sure!

Since August I really have not spend a lot of time in my camper, some because of breakdowns, I also went on trips to CO and CA by plane, but also I think because of the breakdowns, I got a little burned out! One of the things I love the most is driving down a road I’ve never been, and going to a place I have never visited… There is so much excited and possibly there, but its not always a easy way to live, and those few breakdowns are always in my head wondering if I need to deal with a new one any given day.

So, I need to make a winter plan, If I listen to myself I think I’m telling myself that I want to slow down….I really miss being part of a community and even if it’s small, giving back. I start thinking about places I have enjoyed, I’m also thinking about my dog, Mazzy too. She is not a big fan of the beach, and as she gets older the heat and sun really effect her. I’ve been thinking for some time that I want to give her a winter, even if its only a couple months. First, I thought a return to Colorado would be the answer, then Boise….but something inside me kept going back to Bend, OR. I have visited a few times….its beautiful, tons of outdoors stuff to do, people seem cool and the city has a good energy to it.

So, here I am….I’m a little nervous about the winter as I’m going to live in my camper, but I’m doing my beast to turn that into a challenge for myself….is it really that fun to live in absolute comfort and spend the winter in front of the TV?….if you are wondering the answer is no…NO it is not : )…..I’m staying in a fancy RV Park in town that has all the bells and whistles (looking forward to a nightly soak) and I’m excited to involved myself in the community and see where that takes me….The first day at the the park was great! I met a few neighbors (one lives in a tiny house which is super cool) and started to get organized for a long stay.

if anyone out there has connections to Bend please let me know….I have a couple but be great to meet some locals and have some early connections….

I still plan on having adventures from my home base this winter….First one I would love to be Crater Lake! I will keep everyone posted on the comings and goings….And I’m living month to month, so if I get antsy you might just find me in California!!!….Who knows, thats the fun part!



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  • new home...
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