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If you happen to follow me on the social networks you know I have changed the way I’ve been traveling over the past year or so, mostly to give comfort to my older doggy who just does not want to move as fast as we were before. Truth be told I have enjoyed to slower pace, getting to know communities better and being happy in the now…I spend the winter outside Boulder, a place I called home for 6 years before my travels and when I started thinking about where I wanted to spend my summer Salida quickly came to mind. While living in Colorado for 17 years I only visited Salida once, and that was for a beer festival….so I don’t even remember half of it : )

Two summer ago I came back this way for a Xscapers Convergence in Salida and really fell in love with the area. I called the National Forest boondocking area between (Road 272 on Campendium)  Salida and Buena Vista home for the summer and loved the 360 degree mountains, sunsets, distant thunderstorms and trails in the area. 

So, the thought of spending 4 months here was really exciting…finding a place to stay when NOT in an RV did become a challenge. The area is a beautiful tourist destination making housing of any kind tough to find and expensive. I always say if I stay positive and put in the work I would find something that fills my needs and sure enough that did happen!

After looking and passing on this wonderful place I circled back, called the owner and sight unseen paid for 2 months for a room at the Black Bear RV Park and Motel. The room is like a little cute cabin BUT has NO kitchen! The owner, Pamala worked with me, let me change rooms, gave me a big fridge (and also a mini that turned into my beer fridge) and let me use my 2 burner to cook…there are grills all over the property too so grilling out was real easy. I was more than ideal and very peaceful and relaxing.

This place quickly became my home because the place was comfortable and the people took me in, having a community of people right where I live is something I have grown custom to as an RVer…and they all love Mazzy so she was happy too. Even though I was not in my RV it was comforting to be around others RVers passing through,  I still had the opportunity to meet so many cool, interesting people.

It’s been a great summer, my home is actually 12 miles south of Salida in a town called Howard, but Salida is my town….great breweries, a distillery, festivals with live music filled my summer. Not far is Buena Vista, a ghost town to visit, Twin Lakes and beautiful Turquoise Lake. All great activities because hiking is not something  I have not been able to do much with Mazzy getting old, I’ve broken away to do a couple hikes but it has not been our life like in past years.

Again, I’m not one to use too maybe words….I did actually write a blog post for the family business, Tough Top Awnings, about 5 things to do on the  Salida area….LINK HERE….give it a read.

Check out my photo gallery, hope it inspires you to come visit…

At the end of September I’m off for a quick trip up to the Tetons if the weather holds and settling in McCall, Idaho for the month of October…Hope to check in while there…I’m excited!!!





  • On the way to Independence Pass
  • Flowers at Black Bear
  • Salida
  • Driving Kerr Gulch
  • Marshall Pass
  • Relaxing in the aspens
  • "Home"
  • Good beer in Salida
  • Mazzy playing in the river
  • Those guy was hiking the Colorado Trail
  • Double Rainbow
  • Downtown Salida
  • Mazzy relaxing
  • Mazzy in the snow
  • Twin Lakes
  • Ghost town fun
  • "Home"
  • "Home"
  • "Home"
  • Mazzy doing some chewing at the park
  • Hike just north of BV
  • Hike just north of BV

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