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There is something special about the Redwoods, it’s hard to put into words, but of course I’m going to try!

When I decided to travel down the Oregon Coast, my mind went straight to the fact of spending my birthday in the Redwoods….I first and foremost call myself a mountain person….I love the Rockies, hiking in the forests to alpine lakes…I have often missed them as I travel and seek out mountains whenever I can….I now have a fondness for the Sawtooth’s and the ruggedness of the landscape.

I do have a mutual love for the Redwood forests….there is a gentleness and calmness about them…They invite you in, take care of you and even seem to teach its wisdom to you, for they have seen it all….they have been towering over us taking in the world, the history, seeing it all from a different perspective… While in a Redwoods forest its a entire new world, it almost look as if its not real at all, looks as if you are looking at a painting, a fantasy movie or a dream….the first time I saw the Ponderosa Pines in Idaho I felt this is what a pine tree looked to me when I was 4….looking at a Redwood is like how a normal tree looks to an ant!!

There is an unique color feel to its bark, it’s soft and brittle, makes one wonder how it can tower 300 feet above you like it does. They are so large you should be scared….the rest of nature has that ability….the oceans beauty can turn harsh and battles we can’t see below the surface eventually the losers will be thrown onto the beaches….mountains the same, one minute sunny, the next comes wind, rain, snow….all to show how small we are….

Yes, the Redwoods have what they call the “widow makers” but I have not once even seen a branch fall from the towers of trees above me….rain comes and all I don’t feel a thing, a few drops make it to the forest floor…its so quiet one can walk and just lose yourself in self thought…The forest allows you to be there you need to be…

Go enjoy….explore the Redwood State and National Parks, Humboldt Redwoods, Muir Woods, Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon… be worth the journey.


Last modified: December 6, 2018

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