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I had my first experience going to Yosemite this past week and there is nothing I can say to truly describe the experience. I had a chat with a guy I met shortly after my visit and we shared the same thought when you are driving into the Yosemite Valley for the first time as simply “Oh My”!! The cliffs, forests, waterfalls, rivers….There is not another place I can compare it to.

Because its a National Park, I was limited what I can do with a dog, so I feel I only scratched the surface of the area….But I would rather experience what I can than not experience it at all. Being there off season was nice too….even though it still felt busy, people say its nothing to what its like in the summer…and i think i lucked at out as well and got one of the last campsite in the park!!

If you are a backpacker or someone who likes to stick closer to the main roads, Yosemite has something for everyone who appreciates the outdoors….I’m a big John Muir fan and he is the father of Yosemite….here is what he said in The Atlantic in 1899:

“Of all the mountain ranges I have climbed, I like the Sierra Nevada the best. Though extremely rugged, with its main features on the grandest scale in height and depth, it is nevertheless easy of access and hospitable; and its marvelous beauty, displayed in striking and alluring forms, wooes the admiring wanderer on and on, higher and higher, charmed and enchanted. Benevolent, solemn, fateful, pervaded with divine light, every landscape glows like a countenance hallowed in eternal repose; and every one of its living creatures, clad in flesh and leaves, and every crystal of its rocks, whether on the surface shining in the sun or buries miles deep in what we call darkness, is throbbing and pulsing with the heartbeats of God.”

People often says that photos can do it justice…that holds true with Yosemite because of its depth and grand scale as Muir says….and with that here is my photo gallery : ) enjoy


  • Even the deer of Yosemite use the cross walks!!
  • Love this place
  • Ths is what Mazzy does when Im looking at scenery
  • Lunch spot
  • First view of the valley

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