The Redwoods


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I just love the redwoods, I don’t think there are words to really explain them….just like taking a photo, it just does not do them justice…as one needs to take the time and visit, and take that snapshot in your head to carry with you…

I made my first visit here last summer, a quick road trip from San Francisco to Portland, with the Redwoods being the thing I was most looking forward to….I remember as a kid my grandparents coming here on vacation, we would go to their house and look at their photos of the trip….Once my grandpa took I guess what is a pamaromic photo of a redwood tree…He took 3 photos of the same tree, came home, got the photos developed and put the 3 photos together to form one tree, you remember, old school stuff!!….I remember thinking I want to go there!!

Visiting the redwoods by car and tent is a much different experience than by camper and with a dog!! There are not any trails I can take mazzy on, so I missed a couple of my favorite spots (Fern Canyon being one) but there is a scenic road that dogs can go on….and as it tuned out it was perfect…being off season and the road rather bumpy and narrow, there were barley any people and I felt as if I had the forest to myself…even after 2 visits when I’m looking at the forest or in the middle of it just does not seem real….its like a painting or something you might see in a fantasy movie….the Tetons still give the that feeling when I see them….something too beautiful to be real.

Its amazing to be in the middle of an old growth, redwood forest….be able to see and touch something that might be 2,000 years old!!…put that in any historical perspective you want, a living thing that is 2,00 years old….if they can only talk, right?  I see these trees coming out of the earth, reaching toward the clouds…. feel they have been looking over us all for all the years….recording a history of the earth…of all of us…what would they say? It must not be all bad, they are still here memorizing us all….at one point during the hike, I just sat down silently….the definition of quite…the definition of peacefulness and its easy to understand…

Just as the ocean reminds us how small we are with its vast-fullness and power, the redwoods does too, but with grace and beauty…..I’m thankful to be able to be here…I’m thankful for the folks way back who recognized how beautiful and important these trees are and fought to protect them….every time I see us do things NOT protecting nature and earth because of crap like politics, personal agendas and narrow minded thinking it does make me sad and frustrated… but these tress always make me feel better!

Last modified: September 18, 2016

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