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One of the things I like about traveling is being able to visit a lot of breweries and try a lot of beer! There is a lot of creative and really good beer out there. Here is a list of my current top 5 beers! I say current because it does change and being winter my entire list is Porters and Stouts!

There is a cool app called Untapped, you can find breweries, rate beers, add photos and other stuff….I use it to list all the beers I’ve tried and keep a tally of all the breweries I’ve visted….If you download the App you can find me at Travelingdesigner.

5. Shake Chocolate Porter

Boulder Beer / Boulder CO

This has been one of my favorite beers since its release a couple years back, when I lived in Boulder the Boulder Beer Pub was a mile from my house! As they say a stout is like a meal, Shake is like a wonderful dessert! I’ve found Shake on tap once in Oregon and if I remember correctly, the pub in Boulder has Shake on nitro.

4. Pecan Pie Porter
Back Woods Brewing Company / Carson WA

During my travels I came across their Blueberry Wheat during the summer and made a a note I wanted to visit this brewery! I didn’t know where Carson was until a friend took me to Back Woods a year and half later. There I fell in love with the Pecan Pie Porter! Like Shake and others on the list its a adult dessert.

3. Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter
Wild Ride Brew / Redmond, OR

This porter has a smooth peanut butter flavor! I found the Nut Crusher at a liquor store in a bomber, later had the chance to have it on tap at the brewery when I was doing the Bend Ale Trail. Like most beers, much better out of the tap!

2. Caldera Toasted Coconut Chocolate Porter
Caldera Brewery  /  Ashland OR

Caldera has some of the best beer I’ve had on my travels! I visited Ashland in the Spring of 2017 and this amazing porter has been a favorite ever sense. I have always been a coconut fan, adding it to beer is two thumbs up : ) This my far is one of the smoothest porters I’ve had!


1. Anderson Valley Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout
Anderson Valley Brewing Co  /  
Boone, CA

I’ve been a fan of Anderson Valley for years, and when I started traveling I marked on the map to visit their brewery in Boone, CA. Boone is a very small town in the Anderson Valley, between Highway 1 and 101 in Northern CA. This is where my life changed and tried the Bourbon Barrel Stout for the first time. Like the website states, this stout has a bourbon character….and its wonderful!

When I was in Northern CA, I spend about a month in Windsor CA….this was during the Cubs run to a World Series. For every game I went to this outdoor bar called Jaded Toad’s and would sit at the bar with Mazzy and sip on Bourbon Barrel Stout and watch the Cubs beat the Giants and Dodgers!!


Honorable Mention

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dark Star (BBADS)

Fremont Brewing / Seatle WA



10 Barrel Brewing / Bend, Boise, Denver

Adult Crème Soda

Craft Kitchen & Brewery  /  Bend, OR


****BEER QUESTION OF THE WEEK!  Being a traveler and into sustainability I prefer to drink from cans….any good porters or stouts out there in cans? It’s tough I know!! Out of my top 5 I think the Boulder Beer Shake is the only one in cans….please let me know!!













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