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I had the pleasure to spend some quality time in Boise!! Because of COVID, a design gig I got for a few months I wanted to get out of my camper and have a nice place to work for the duration of my design job. I was already in the Portland area and started looking for a temp housing situation in Portland, the gorge and surrounding area….Well, that was TOUGH!! Finding even a 6 month lease was a tough task, especially when I was looking for something that allowed dogs and was hoping would be furnished. So I decided to look in other areas and Boise quickly entered my head. I have visited Boise a couple times and really enjoyed it, such a pretty city with nice people.

To move this along I found a cool living situation on AirBnB….It was a house close to downtown that caters to travelers….with 8 unique apartments that are fully furnished, the owner asks for at least a months stay. I got lucky and got the last place available for the time I wanted to arrive, and The Pink Guest House became my Boise home. Once I set my sights on Boise everything fell in place rather quickly, as if I was meant to be in Boise during that time!

I felt spoiled, my home was 2 blocks from the beautiful capital building, 4 blocks from downtown, a short drive to hiking trails and in a wonderful neighborhood I loved to walk, explore and take photos. It was fun to learn some of the history of Boise and visit some of the historic houses and structures.

Being COVID it was tough to do a lot but I was able to visit breweries (Payette Brewing best outdoor space / Barbarian Brewing best beer), explore downtown and some of the small neighborhoods, took some short road trips to Stanley (one of my fav. places) Cascade and even a living ghost town.

I felt sad to leave and could see myself living there someday…Here is a gallery of mostly architecture of Boise I took on my urban hikes. I might have taken too maybe photos of the capital building!! Enjoy…


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