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Colorado Road Trip

After being on the road for almost a year, I decided to give the camper a break, park it in Washington, rent a car for a Colorado road trip...

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What’s it REALLY like living in a old camper

This might show my age, but who has watched MTV cribs?….Celebrities showing off their over the top homes….I always thought to myself...

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Alabama Hills CA

I’m finally back up!…My blog was down for months due to a virus….But I’m hopeful that all is well and this wont happen...

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The Redwoods

I just love the redwoods, I don’t think there are words to really explain them….just like taking a photo, it just does not do them...

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Humbug Mountain State Park.

Oregon is known for their state parks, and I’ve hit many of them on my way down the coast…and have camped at many too….but this one...

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Casino Camping

When you travel full time and have to find a place to put your head each night, your can get to be a challenge. I have heard stories from...

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OregonSand DunesTraveling Designer


Just wanted to do a quick writeup on a really cool hike I did on the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area are located...

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PhotographyTravelTraveling Designer


Photography is a amazing thing….the ability to capture a moment in time with a click of a button! I have alway loved taking...

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Northwest String Summit

I do love music festivals! They include 3 of my favorite things; music, the outdoors and beer. And there is a feeling of peace and calm...

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Arla gets fancy

First off Arla is the name of my camper, just to get that out of the way! I’ve been in the Portland / Vancouver area for the month of...

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