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Everyone loves T-Shirts!!! Some of us even wear them : )

A t-shirt tells the world, or at least the people around you, your interests and the things you love! I loved collecting and wearing band and concert shirts when I was in high school and college, I tried to get a shirt at each show I went to…looking back I wish I didn’t wear them as much so they were still around. I had a Horde Festival shirt from 1993 I wore till it just blew off me into the wind!!

Anyway, thanks to COVID and being an artist needing to stay creative I started working on an apparel / t-shirt shop and creating designs… I have really enjoyed coming up with designs for all the shirts, hats and masks. I take hikes with Mazzy and brainstorm ideas. Its both creative and therapeutic.

I am NOT an accomplished illustrator (I wish I was) but I love simple design, typography, word play and dry humour…so I wrapped up all that into a subject matter I love and know a lot about…RVing, camping and nature!


I found a online company that does the printing and shipping for me and I was off and running….my shop is currently on my website and I have an Etsy shop as well. 

Some of the designs are RV inside jokes like “My black tank story is better than yours” and some are just saying what we all know you are thinking “If you need me, I’ll be boondocking”! Most of the time thats what’s I’m thinking.

I started with only a few designs to get the shop going but have more designs on the way. So…If you are an RVer, van lifer, camper or nature lover please give the store a look, share and pass along….I love the creative process but not as good in the marketing and selling something I have created…I told myself if I get this store up and going I would also do my best to promote it and get my designs out into the world! Another way to practice the art of getting out of my comfort zone!!

Hope you enjoy….questions and comments are always appreciated.

Last modified: August 23, 2021

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