Keough Hot Springs Ditch


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I was told about this place when I was at the Alabama Hills…Keough Hot Springs Ditch…located off the 395 out 6 miles South of Bishop CA.

There is a Keough Hot Springs where there is camping and you pay to use the springs…but South there is runoff with both man made and natural hot springs along the road….so i had to check this out on my lunch break!!

Having a camper I’m always careful about turning onto dirt roads, so I found a place to park and decided to scope out the place…About a quarter of a mile I found this natural, beautiful pool with no people to be found….I got excited and instead to going back for supplies I stripped down to my boxers and got in, sometimes you just have to go for it…and it was wonderful!!!….the water is not overly hot….people say the closer you get to the actual hot springs the hotter the water is….but it was super refreshing and calming….there are mountains all around to look at, including the Eastern Sierras,  some trees and running water that continue on to the next pool… you do have to deal with power lines so that takes away from the experience a little. When I got in there were some fish swimming around and the pool got to about 3 feet deep…..I even got Mazzy to take her first soak too!!! I think she loved it.

Even getting out of the water was refreshing….it was about 50 degrees out so the air and sun felt great….I did have a family on bikes sneak up on me, so I’m not sure if I gave them a show or not : )

I do highly recommend the Keough Hot Springs Ditch if your on the 395 in CA….its well worth the quick stop….Photos below

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